September 2019 Newsletter

Dear Lionshare Friends:

We are excited to announce a new FREE RESOURCE to you -- "A Discipleship Journey" Vocational Companion, questions to help apply God's character, ways and mission within one's vocation.  We at Lionshare have always believed that our faith and our work should not live in separate worlds.  Transformation as a believer carries over into how we handle ourselves in our vocation whether it be in an office, a lab, a church, a school, a restaurant, a hospital or a family. 

The ADJ Vocational Companion, which you can download here, was written to accompany our primary discipling tool "A Discipleship Journey," and contains a question for each session that prompts you to think about how what you have learned applies to your work.  Lionshare president Dave Buehring explains:

Are you feeling a nudge to take that step and disciple someone or even lead a group? We already have a coaching library to help you to find the right people and handle group dynamics. Now, you have this ADJ Vocational Companion to practically apply God's ways to what people do a living.

In "A Discipleship Journey," Dave Buehring lists seven hindrances to knowing God. One of them is apathy -- riches, material possessions and even being overfed spiritually without giving to others can make one apathetic towards God and His purposes. Let's follow the Great Commission and go make disciples who make disciples in whatever area of society God has placed them. That's when we will see true transformation.

Summertime is always a slow time for charitable giving, so even though the ADJ Vocational Companion is a free resource, please consider giving a donation to help cover costs and for an upcoming book on vocational disciplemaking, something we think is greatly needed in our world today and is already of great interest to the next generation.