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November 7-8, 2019

Join Lionshare at the 3rd annual National Disciple Making Forum in Brentwood, Tennessee to hear teaching from our team along with other organizations focused on making disciples the way Jesus did. 

The theme is "King Jesus." If you want to make disciples, nothing is more important than who you believe Jesus is and what you teach about him. What we believe about Jesus determines what it means to be his disciple. Bill Hull often explains it to people this way: “The Jesus we preach and the gospel we uphold determine the disciple we get.” Stop and read that last statement again. What do you believe and teach about Jesus? That will decide the kind of disciple you are becoming and forming.

Jesus’ identity is a big deal. If we are helping people trust and follow Jesus, which Jesus are we introducing them to? Have we created Jesus in our own image, to suit our sensibilities, or do we know the real Jesus as he is revealed in the Bible? If we use Matthew 4:19 as a definition of a disciples, then we want people to follow Jesus, be changed by Jesus, and be committed to his mission. To do that we need clarity on Jesus’ identity.

At the 2019 National Disciple Making Forum, we will dive into these topics and why they are so important for disciple-makers.

Enjoy 3 main sessions and 15 tracks (each include 5 breakout sessions).

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Lionshare’s track is called “Transformational Disciple Making: The Impact of Jesus and Today’s Disciples on Vocations & Current Issues.” Sessions will include:

•Vocational Disciple Making: Connecting Calling & Disciple Making - Are you familiar with how to disciple people in God’s ways related to their vocations? We currently don’t have many leaders that reference God’s heart and actions in the decisions they make that shape society. Join us and be envisioned and equipped to become an effective vocational disciple maker.

•Vocational Disciple Making Panel - The Bible says pastors and teachers are supposed to equip His people so that the Body of Christ may be built up. Are we equipping Daniels to disciple other Daniels and Lydias to disciple other Lydias in the vocation where God has placed them? Come listen to a panel discussion with practitioners who are doing it.

•The Process of Transformation: The Holy Spirit in Disciple Making - Making a disciple is not just about reading the Bible and meeting regularly. It’s about life transformation and that happens when a person obeys what the Holy Spirit reveals along the discipleship journey.

•Pacing Your Life the Way Jesus Did - Jesus was an effective disciple maker because He modeled personal margin for His disciples and only did what the Father asked Him to do. What does this look like in our life today?

•Hot Topics in Disciple Making - How do we disciple someone through today’s hot topics such as same-sex attraction/relationships, abortion, #MeToo/#ChurchToo and immigration? We must be Biblically sound but not tone deaf and always bring people back to Jesus.

All audio from 2018, 2017 & 2016 seminars are available at

Pictured below: Lionshare founder and president Dave Buehring, Grammy-award winning artist Mandisa, Pastor Kent Chevalier (Lionshare board & Northway Christian Community) and Pastor Heather Zempel (Lionshare board & National Community Church) at the 2018 National Disciple Making Forum