Dear Lionshare Friends:

Many scientific studies find that it takes 66 days to create a new habit.  Today marks the 50th day since the new year started.  How are you doing with that new habit you are trying to create? Have you been exercising regularly? Did you organize those closets you were planning to go through? Have you been spending time in the Bible every day and seeking God in prayer over all of your decisions? There are probably few people on this list who can say "yes" to all of the resolutions and good intentions they felt on January 1st.  


Dave’s Devotionals

Lionshare can help you with that last resolution - spending time in the Bible every day and seeking God.  It is never too late to sign up for Dave's Devotionals -- a two-minute video devotional during which our founder and president Dave Buehring talks about the character of God. We will never fully understand God's ways if we don't learn more about His character and nature.  Use this as a jumping off point for further study, prayer or contemplation.  You can learn more here or subscribe here for $1.99 per month.

Another resource for you is an article summarizing Dave Buehring's teaching on "The Pacing of Jesus."  At the beginning of the year, we are either exhausted from the holidays or full of energy for all that we think we will be accomplishing in the new year.  This teaching reminds us that Jesus was very intentional about what He did and did not do.  Here's an excerpt from Dave's article:

"I am reminded of a journey through the Gospels that I embarked on a number of years ago as I sought to understand the pacing of Jesus in light of my own walk as His disciple. Maybe what I discovered will be an encouragement or offer some mid-course correction for you as it has for me. I found that Jesus’  'compass points' as it related to dictating His pace included the following:

• He was secure in who He was so He could freely serve 
• He did only what the Father was doing 
• He was not driven by needs but rather was motivated by obedience 
• He rested with His friends for a while 
• He knew that His vision could only be fulfilled by multiplying His life in others 

You can read the complete article here and discover practical ways you can apply Jesus' method to your life. 

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