“For more than a decade, Dave Buehring has been discipling me. I honestly don’t know where I’d be had he not walked me through my time on American Idol, and the subsequent aftermath of being so vocal about my faith on the show. There is nobody more genuine, equipped, and passionate to speak on the issue of disciple-making. He doesn’t just talk it; he walks it.”

Mandisa, American Idol Finalist

GRAMMY Nominated Christian Artist

“Dave’s heart for disciple-making is inspiring and desperately needed in the church today. I’ve benefitted from people pouring into my life and seeing its value in my walk with the Lord. I have a heart to do the same for others.”

Jeremy Camp

GRAMMY-nominated Christian Artist

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“Dave Buehring knows what he is talking about. He has practiced it, and now he is evangelizing the church and all of society to be and make disciples.”

Bill Hull, Author

“The Disciple-Making Church” & “The Disciple-Making Pastor”

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“Dave has the experience and spiritual authority to bring you a powerful gift that will inform, inspire and ignite you to action.”

Loren Cunningham

Founder of YWAM (Youth With A Mission)

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“Dave Buehring gives us a key to participating in the expansion of God’s Kingdom: being disciple-makers in all domains of society. He brings decades of experience for anyone who seeks to be a partner with God in the advance of His Kingdom.”

Eddie Broussard

International Vice President, The Navigators