December 2018 Newsletter

Dear Lionshare Friends:
The presents are unwrapped, some are already broken or in the re-gift closet. Little disappointments and the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season are being replaced by the celebration of the coming new year.

These are now the moments to reflect on the past year and pray about what God would have us prioritize in 2019. We at Lionshare look back and are thankful for:

•A better platform for people to access Lionshare's teaching videos and Dave Buehring's Devotionals

•Two very fruitful d4 conferences where hundreds caught the vision for disciple-making and were equipped

•Our expanded reach through Dave's speaking engagements, Lionshare's social media and email outreach and presence at the National Disciple Making Forum

•Progress on the written materials and animation for "A Discipleship Journey Kids Edition"

•Continued progress on the operations side of our ministry to get our finances and database in order

And we are thankful for your support - whether it be through prayer, financial donations, listening to a podcast or purchasing our resources.

As we close out 2018, we would want to leave you with these thoughts out of Chapter 10 of "A Discipleship Journey:"

The biblical vision of the Kingdom of God is the greatest vision anyone can possess.  It allows men and women to engage in a purpose, calling and destiny that are full of hope, eternal in scope and worth giving their lives for.  We are most willing to sacrifice for what we most value.  If someone says they value the Scriptures but don't invest time in them, they don't really value them as much as they thought.  If someone says they value their relationship with their spouse or children but aren't willing to spend quality time and energy developing and deepening those relationships, they don't really value them as much as they thought.  If someone believes in advancing God's Kingdom but is not willing to sacrifice their time, energy or resources to do so, they don't value it as much as they thought.  

Pray about how the Holy Spirit is calling you to advance God's Kingdom in 2019 and consider an end-of-year financial gift to Lionshare to advance the Great Commission -- making disciples who make disciple-makers.