April 2019 Four Newsletter in One

Dear Lionshare Friends:

It is our tradition that every April, you hear from us more frequently as part of our month of fundraising.  Our purpose is two-fold: we want you to know what Lionshare is up to and we are also in that part of the year when giving tends to drop off. We need your support to keep doing the work God has called us to!

Discipling the Nations: Nepal

Late last year, Lionshare president Dave Buehring was invited to train church and ministry leaders in Nepal with a team from Christian disaster relief organization Hope Force International.  He found believers who were hungry to learn and eager to make disciple-makers.  They talked about the lack of disciple-making tools in their language, so we are working with them to have A Discipleship Journey printed in Nepalese for local leaders to use.  WhenADJ was translated into German and Spanish, we heard the same thing.  There is a great need for materials that help believers in other countries with spiritual formation so that their faith will be deep, grounded in truthful teaching and passed on through discipleship. We are excited that God has blessed Lionshare with this new relationship!

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Dave Buehring recently spoke at Crosspointe Church in Madison, Alabama on how we can be carriers of God's Kingdom on Earth.  The book of Acts outlines this for us in a beautiful way.  Please click on the video to listen and be encouraged on how we can extend the Kingdom to others in our daily lives, whether they live in Nepal, work in our office or live in our house.

Discipling the Generations: ADJ Kids

For the past couple of years, a team of teachers, storytellers and animators have been working on developing A Discipleship Journey Kids Edition for use with children ages 6-12. Click on the picture below to watch a sample video from ADJ Chapter 1, session 4 on "Becoming God's Friend."

Consider watching this video of Adie and Jay's interaction withyour child, grandchild or other youngsters in your sphere of influence during this Holy Week to talk about sin and forgiveness.

We need your help to make this vision a reality -- a tool that will help parents, grandparents, churches and Christian schools move beyond simply telling Bible stories to the arena of making disciple-makers.  How would our families, schools and churches look different if kids were equipped to know how to hear the voice of God; how to identify the tactics of the enemy; how to know what true forgiveness and true love look like?

Lionshare covered this topic during a session titled "Creating Discipleship Moments Where Kids Live, Learn and Play" during last year's National Disciplemaking Forum in Tennessee.  We shared our belief that children can and want to go deep in their faith and how ADJ Kids can help them do that. Click on the image below to listen to a podcast from the event featuring Dave Buehring interviewing Rachel Bradley, children's ministry director at Grace Chapel in Franklin, Tennessee.

You can watch another episode from ADJ Kids   here   and also find out more about the project by watching this   video   or downloading this   flyer  .

You can watch another episode from ADJ Kids here and also find out more about the project by watching this video or downloading this flyer.

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Discipling in the Vocations; Environment, Agriculture & Zoology Domain

Spring is in full bloom here in Tennessee.  God's creation is on full display!  But besides taking a moment to listen to the birds, smell the roses or gaze out from a hilltop, have you thought about how we as disciples should be taking care of the Earth? Have you considered how to deliberately disciple someone else in environmental stewardship? That was on the mind of Pastor Tri Robinson, who loves the outdoors and wrestled with why non-believers seemed to be doing more to care for the environment than Christians. He saw an opportunity to educate his congregation but also to reach out.  

Robinson writes, "In one sense, it’s hard to blame Christians who experienced the environmental movement of the 1960s. We saw hypocrisy in the “earth first” approach and it seemed meaningless. The whole “mother earth” theology took no one to God—and this had the effect of polarizing us from our neighbors who expressed any kind of ecological concern, blinding us from theologically sound and practically balanced approaches. However, it’s getting more and more difficult to ignore the signs that the earth is under siege by gross human mismanagement. We can’t afford to let those who care for creation for the wrong reasons stop us from caring for creation for the right reasons.

You can read more about how Robinson defines environmental stewardship, what practical steps you and your church can take and how this resonates with the next generation here.

One of Lionshare's goals is to ignite and resource disciple-makers in the vocation where God has placed them.  The environment, agriculture and zoology is one of the Dozen Domains where we are called to have influence. We are working on developing vocation-specific guides to help you disciple someone who wants to reflect God's ways, character and mission in that space.

During Lionshare's month of funding, please consider a gift toward this effort. As we look around this world, we see that societal transformation will only happen when discipleship happens in our vocations too.

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