Go and make disciples of all nations...teaching them to obey what I have commanded you...and I am with you always.
— Jesus, Matthew 28:18-20

With these words Jesus commissioned His original disciples--and all future followers--with His primary strategy to mature and multiply His church!  

Disciple-making is reproducing the character, ways and mission of Jesus in those around us, expecting them to multiply the same within others.

A Discipleship Journey (ADJ) is a resource created to equip followers of Jesus to grow spiritually while being empowered to make disciples that make disciple-makers. Whether it is grounding a young believer in core biblical truths or shoring up the foundations of veterans of the faith, this interactive resource leads Jesus followers through a dozen key discipleship themes.  Punctuated with a year's worth of reflections on the character of God and historical quotes from leaders throughout church history, this manual is designed to equip disciples on their journeys and serve as a tool to aid them in obeying the command of Jesus to "make disciples"

This Manual is Our Featured Resource

It is Scripturally sound. This manual is rooted in the truths of God's Word.  It builds precept upon precept of basic truths of Scripture.

It is proven. Many people who work in different vocations have used the ADJ manual to make disciple-makers.  Churches both small and large are using it to ground new believers and faithful followers of Jesus. Additional questions to help users tie their faith and work together are available here in our ADJ Vocational Companion Guide.

Dozen Domains

It is a practical guide to make disciple-makers!  There are 12 themes covered in this manual, or as some have called it, "a handbook for the Bible:”

  • Knowing God

  • A Call to Discipleship

  • The Grace of God

  • The Cross, Sin, & Repentance

  • Hearing the Voice of God

  • The Disciple's Disciplines

  • Relationships

  • Spiritual Warfare

  • The Church in Acts

  • Advancing the Kingdom

  • Purpose, Passion, and Giftedness

  • Mentoring and Making Disciples

Available in four different editions: Standard edition, Spanish edition, German edition, and Seventh Day Adventist edition.  You can purchase them here.


We have a 48-session teaching video series that is tailor-made for the ADJ manual. Each session contains a 12-15 minute teaching by author Dave Buehring.  All types of small groups, organizations, and churches have used this resource.  

The teaching videos are available online on Lionshare’s Vimeo channel. You can subscribe by clicking here. Detailed instructions are available here. If you encounter any issues, please email us at info@lionshare.org


Coaching videos to guide leaders and facilitators are available here.