Lionshare aims to co-mission with Jesus in fulfilling His Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) by igniting and resourcing disciple-makers within the Church and throughout the vocations — the Dozen Domains of society.

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Foundational Disciple-Making Resource: “Welcome to the Kingdom” - purchase here

•Formational Disciple-Making Resource: “A Disciple Journey” with a group - purchase book here, subscribe to videos here and watch coaching library here; attend or host a d4 conference; join us at the National Disciplemaking Forum; and subscribe to “Dave’s Devotionals” - a daily, two minute video devotional here

•Vocational Disciple-Making: “The Jesus Blueprint” - purchase here and the ADJ Vocational Companion (free PDF download) that enriches your “A Discipleship Journey” experience


Leadership Disciple-Making: Watch and discuss “Conversations with Fathers of the Faith” or “Wisdom for Difficult Times” with other leaders. This DVD series features spiritual fathers such as YWAM founder Loren Cunningham, Pentecostal minister Jack Hayford, former Senate chaplain and Presbyterian minister Lloyd Ogilvie, Pastor and civil rights leader John Perkins, Southern Baptist minister Henry Blackaby and youth evangelist Winkie Pratney.

Or consider enrolling in “A Leadership Journey,” a 6 month long course taught by Dave Buehring in which you, along with a small group of hand chosen leaders, are personally discipled. Email here for more information.

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