Our Mission

Lionshare aims to co-mission with Jesus in fulfilling His Great Commission (Mt. 28:18-20) by igniting and resourcing disciple-makers within The Church and throughout The Dozen Domains of society.

What We've Achieved


  • We have a scripturally-sound, proven and practical disciple-making tool that has been used for over a decade now on every continent. (ADJ)
  • We launched the first discipleship App to be available on iPhone and iPads. (ADJ)
  • Churches from just about every "tribe" in the Body of Christ have or are using ADJ.
  • Societal leaders are using ADJ to make an impact where they serve within the domains of society.
  • Non-profit organizations are using ADJ to train their teams and staffs.
  • We are one of the first to create a disciple-making platform for churches and organizations to use on their websites.
  • We have released ADJ to the Spanish-speaking world, and have also created a special "Seventh-day Adventist Edition".
  • We rallied spiritual fathers together to create two series that provide an "under-the-hood" look at the principles and practices of these seasoned disciples.
  • We created a tool, Welcome to the Kingdom, to lay foundations for brand new followers of Jesus. 

Past Gatherings

  • We have rallied disciple-makers from throughout the Body of Christ to team together to raise up a new generation of disciple-makers.
  • We host regional events to envision and equip individuals, churches and societal leaders to obey the command of Jesus to reproduce disciple-makers. 

Our Founder and President

  • Dave has spoken for three-and-a-half decades now throughout the various expressions of the Body of Christ about obeying the command of Jesus to make disciple-makers. 
  • He serves Lionshare by providing leadership to our d4 gatherings, while utilizing the materials he's created to reproduce disciple-makers.