For the last seven years, Dave Buehring has been discipling me. I honestly don’t know where I’d be had he not walked me through my time on American Idol, and the subsequent aftermath of being so vocal about my faith on the show. There is nobody more genuine, equipped, and passionate to speak on the issue of disciple-making. He doesn’t just talk it; he walks it.
— Mandisa, American Idol Finalist, GRAMMY® Nominated Recording Artist
Dave’s heart for disciple-making is inspiring and desperately needed in the church today. I’ve benefitted from people pouring into my life, and seeing its value in my walk with the Lord, I have a heart to do the same for others. I highly recommend The Jesus Blueprint and highly encourage disciple-making!
— Jeremy Camp, Contemporary Christian Artist
Today, we are reaping the consequences of a lack of deliberate disciple-making within families, churches, and society. In The Jesus Blueprint, my friend Dave Buehring challenges and equips us to freshly embrace Jesus’ original disciple-making plan - and I couldn’t agree with him more! Embracing his message will allow us to transform generations to come!
— Dr. John Perkins, Author & Founder of the John M. Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation & Development
David Buehring’s passion for making disciples is contagious. His enthusiasm for the Great Commission sparkles in his work on making disciple-makers. In “The Jesus Blueprint”, David explores global principles that hold the sees for exponential expansion of reproducing faith, one life at a time. You will not be disappointed as you read of the rewarding adventure of making disciples like Jesus.
— Woodie J. Stevens, Global Discipleship Ministries Director, Church of the Nazarene
As one who has devoted his life to calling the church to make disciples, this work is a great encouragement. The Jesus Blueprint is a clarion call to do what Jesus told us to do by someone who has done it. In other words, Dave Buehring knows what he is talking about, he has practiced it, and now he is evangelizing the church and all of society to be and make disciples.
— Bill Hull, Author and President of Choose the Life Ministries
Dave Buehring and I have been friends—no, brothers—for over thirty years, and he has impacted me, my bride, our children, and now our grandchildren. I have been a leader in the church since I was nineteen; now at fifty-eight I can honestly say I know no one who has lived and taught disciple-making more than Dave. Read his books only if you want a changed life that impacts others.
— Dr. Samuel M. Huddleston, Author & Assistant District Superintendant of the Northern California and Nevada Assemblies of God District
Dave’s passion and practical insight in The Jesus Blueprint will stir your heart and reenergize your focus on becoming more like Jesus. And exciting and inspired challenge to be both a hearer and a doer of the Word.
— Mary Tomlinson, 18 years with the Walt Disney Company, President of On Purpose Partners
The Jesus Blueprint spurs on the next generation to take its place in the grand story that God is writing in human history by making disciple-makers in their unique cultural, vocational, and geographical environments. With the wisdom of a father, the disciple of a coach, and the encouragement of a good friend, Dave Buehring shares a contagious vision and practical strategies that fuels the hearts and passions of emerging leaders.
— Heather Zempel, Author, Discipleship Pastor at National Community Church (Wash, DC)
It has been said that the last command Jesus gave, ‘go make disciples in every nation’, has become our least concern. My friend, Fave Buehring, passionately seeks to change that. In The Jesus Blueprint, he challenges us to make disciple-makers in every domain of society. A must-read for everyone concerned about changing our world.
— Dan Sneed, Teacher and Author, Foursquare Church International
Dave has the experience and spiritual authority to bring you a powerful gift in an easy-to-read book that will inform, inspire and ignite you to action.
— Loren Cunningham, Founder of YWAM (Youth With A Mission)
The Jesus Blueprint shows us how Jesus expected his kingdom to grow ... through ordinary people who were disciples of Jesus. David Buehring gives us a key to participating in the expansion of God’s kingdom: being disciple-makers in all domains of society. Written by a man who is living this message, David brings decades of experience into the poignant principles of this book. I commend it to anyone who seeks to be a partner with God in the advance of His kingdom.
— Eddie Broussard, Associate US Director, Senior VP of the Navigators
At a time in the American church where we are looking for the next ‘great program’. Dave Buehring clearly brings us right back to the heart of Jesus and His mandate, ‘Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.’ The Jesus Blueprint will stoke the fire for discipleship in your church and bring you back to where Jesus has called us to live, as disciple-makers.
— John Blue. retired Pro Hockey Player, Lead Pastor of Pacific Pointe Church (CMA) in Irvine, CA
Dave Buehring lives what he writes. He has walked with me as I encounter many challenging situations in the arena of politics and government. No matter what I’m facing, he always points me to the ways and character of God. I see that there can be no separation between what i do and what I believe. As a result, I have come alive and have caught the vision for becoming a disciple-maker of Jesus. If you read this book and apply it to your life, you will, too.”
— Darren Bearson, Political strategist who has worked at the White House, Congress, and Department of Energy
There are books of information and then there are books of formation; books that inspire and books that are so foundational that they shape peoples’ thinking for the rest of their lives. In The Jesus Blueprint, Dave Buehring has penned a masterful and paradigm-altering guide aimed at anchoring the Church in her fundamental call: discipling people.
— Steve Fry, Recording Artist, Founder and President, Messenger Fellowship