January 2018

Dear Lionshare Friends:

First, we want to thank those of you who gave to our ministry and invested in the Great Commission this past year.  You should have received tax-deductible donation statements by email in the past week.  If not, please email Lionshare Giving.

We are excited about the upcoming year as we watch God move in old and new areas.  We ask for your prayers to cover these projects:

Three d4 conferences are being scheduled for North Carolina, Northern California and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this year. As you may remember, d4 stands for discipleship to the 4th generation as outlined by Paul in 2 Timothy 2:2.  Please pray God would draw people who would catch this vision and be equipped to go out and make disciples who make disciples.

Development and fundraising for the children's edition of "A Discipleship Journey" continues.  In the coming months, we will share more with you about how this will look.  Please pray for the educators and animator who are working on the project.

•We want to launch a network of ADJ coaches to help current and new groups using "A Discipleship Journey."  With our new video platform and increased exposure to believers interested in discipleship, we want to be ready to help more people using our primary resource whether it be through tools on our website or calls with a coach. Please pray that we can find the right people to serve in this capacity.

Thank you again for your prayers and investment in the Kingdom.

Making Disciples-Makers,




Dave Buehring
Founder & President, Lionshare








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