The Pacing of Jesus – Part 6

We have touched in this blog series on The Pacing of Jesus – how He lived and led out of a place of inner security, that He only gave Himself to where the Father was working, that He was motivated by obedience and not driven by needs, and that He rested awhile in the context of meaningful friendships. As I wrap this up, I want to share one final observation that I believe is crucial to the pacing of our lives as disciples of Jesus.

Jesus knew that His vision could only be fulfilled by multiplying His life in others – Mt.28:18-20

It is interesting to note that while Jesus was going from village-to-village loving, preaching and teaching, healing, etc., that He seemed to always have a dozen guys with Him that He was investing in. There was a constant teach – demonstrate – replicate feel to everything Jesus did. He knew that part of healthy pacing was finding others that He could pour His life in to – allowing the seeds of His life to multiply fruit within others.

Often, multiplying ourselves within others is the first thing to go when we get busy. Our eyes more naturally focus on leading our group, building our company and/or doing our thing. Jesus, however, built in to the flow of His being pouring His life in to others. He viewed this as a valuable piece of His life – look how much time He gave to it! In His unhurriedness, He made people, their growth and finding their place a priority. It was never an add on or got to – He understood that this is the primary way that the Kingdom gets passed on and advanced.

If it was a part of the pacing and life flow of Jesus and a priority to Him, should it not also be for me? Looking through this set of lenses provides me with a reference point on how I spend my time and energy, and also offers me a scriptural window through which I can measure the fruitfulness of my life.


~ Dave Buehring has been a devoted follower of Jesus and a disciple-maker for four decades. He’s passionate about stirring the Church to follow Jesus, teaching God’s people His ways, and raising a new generation of disciple-makers. He’s the Founder & President of Lionshare, and the author of A Discipleship Journey and The Jesus Blueprint.