The Pacing of Jesus – Part 5

In this series we have been reflecting on Jesus’ pace in life and posing thoughts on how it may align with our pacing or contrast with it as His disciples. Here in this fifth piece of six, I want to touch on something I believe is crucial to our pacing – rest and relationships.

Jesus rested with His friends for awhile – Mark 6:31

I don’t know about you but this is a dynamic combination for me in my refueling. Rest keeps me energized physically (and emotionally) and relationships keep me encouraged spiritually, mentally and emotionally. While walking the planet Jesus recognized a need for both. He took the time to rest – even in the midst of a storm (Mk.4:35-40) – and invited His disciples to actually live their lives out of a place of rest (Mt.11:28, 29).

I wonder if too often we think of Jesus leading his disciples around the rugged Israel countryside going from place-to-place – with them supporting His preaching/teaching/healing ministry. We need to also consider that these were men that connected deeply on a relational level as well. How can than not happen when you are with each other daily for three years?! Jesus seemed to gain strength from their friendships while at the same time investing in them. I have always found it interesting that he stopped in Bethany to hang out with Lazarus, Mary and Martha on his way to Jerusalem where He knew He would be crucified (Jn. 12:1-3).

Does rest and restorative relationships sound too easy or not spiritual enough to you? Consider the consequences of a life lived without these two key contributors to our pacing. Are they lacking in your life – if so what can you begin to do today to turn that around? Take a nap or plan an extended getaway or vacation. And on the friend front, consider who it is that you receive something from when you are in their presence and look for ways to be more intentional about time with them.  Remember, Jesus rested with his friends for awhile – so can you.


~ Dave Buehring has been a devoted follower of Jesus and a disciple-maker for four decades. He’s passionate about stirring the Church to follow Jesus, teaching God’s people His ways, and raising a new generation of disciple-makers. He’s the Founder & President of Lionshare, and the author of A Discipleship Journey and The Jesus Blueprint.