The Pacing of Jesus – Part 4

We have been on a journey of exploring The Pacing of Jesus – how He lived and lead in such a way that He enjoyed His walk with the Father, reveled in his relationships, and yet fully glorified God by accomplishing everything that the Father had given Him to do (Jn.17:4).

 We have been briefly unpacking the five components for the purpose of heart reflection and life application as disciples of Jesus. So, let’s take a peek at the third one:

Jesus was not driven by needs, but rather, was motivated by obedience. (Jn.11:1-44)

Awhile back I heard a godly leader that I love and respect say something that didn’t quite land right inside of me. Since then, I have heard a couple of other leaders say the same thing, “If you see it, you are called to it”. Now, I don’t know about you but I ‘see’ a lot of things – individuals hurting, needy, and powerless; systems and structures that need reforming; locations on the planet that are in turmoil; natural disasters ravaging huge populations of people – and just because I see these things I am really called to them?!

Now, I get it that I can pray as I am seeing, but until I grow further in the three big O’s – Omniscience, Omnipresence and Omnipotence (and that isn’t going to happen in my life time) – there is no way I can be called to all these things while living within this little finite tent I inhabit for seven to ten decades.

 When I look at Jesus I see Him motivated by obedience to the Father and not by the needs of the people around Him. Does this mean He doesn’t care? Of course not! He had compassion on every need and on every person! It simply means that He trusted the Father – the only One who can meet all needs everywhere – to lead and guide Him to the piece that He was to carry and serve.

Being motivated to meet people’s needs is a good one – but not the highest one. If one is not careful it can lead to a lot of busyness (is that always a Kingdom sign of good things?) – not necessarily fruitfulness. What are you motivated by – by your ‘closet times’ with Jesus and those He has called you to walk with or the loud noise of neediness that surrounds all of us every day? I think Jesus’ words to us today would be simple: listen – pray – obey.


~ Dave Buehring has been a devoted follower of Jesus and a disciple-maker for four decades. He’s passionate about stirring the Church to follow Jesus, teaching God’s people His ways, and raising a new generation of disciple-makers. He’s the Founder & President of Lionshare, and the author of A Discipleship Journey and The Jesus Blueprint.