The Pacing of Jesus – Part 3

My reflections recently have been on the Pacing of Jesus – how he paced his life so that He enjoyed the people around Him and accomplished the mission for which He had come. This time I want to look at the second of the five ‘compass points’ that seemed to govern the way He paced His life and how I can as His disciple.

Jesus did only what the Father was doing

In John 5:19, 20, Jesus lets us know several important things that apply to the way we pace our lives:

·      v.19 – ‘…the Son can do nothing of His own accord…’

o   It raises the question – who is the initiator of what you do in life?  What God initiates He permeates with His Presence; what you initiate you have to sustain. Talk about wearing yourself out! This might serve you well as a diagnostic tool to determine how much of what you are doing really is God-breathed vs. what you are trying to make happen.                                           

·      v.19, 20 – ‘…but only what He sees the Father doing. For the Father loves the Son and shows Him all that He Himself is doing.’

o   Whether a ministry or marketplace leader, are you spending the kind of time alone with God in the Scriptures, prayer, waiting on Him – just being in His Presence – so that you can actually ‘see what He is doing’ and join in on it? Or, are you doing your thing for God asking Him to bless it?  Remember, He blesses what He births – not what we launch for His Name’s sake.

I don’t know about you, but I have done enough launching of my own – out of my own needs, wants and desires.  In these days it is essential that we prioritize spending time in His Presence so that we know His heart and can follow His lead. That is what truly allows us to be like Jesus – doing only what the Father is doing.  


~ Dave Buehring has been a devoted follower of Jesus and a disciple-maker for four decades. He’s passionate about stirring the Church to follow Jesus, teaching God’s people His ways, and raising a new generation of disciple-makers. He’s the Founder & President of Lionshare, and the author of A Discipleship Journey and The Jesus Blueprint.