The Pacing of Jesus – Part 2

I introduced you to five observations I’ve made from the life of Jesus that are ingredients that seemed to dictate how Jesus paced His life. Now, I would like to throw out a few thoughts on each of them, beginning with:

Jesus was secure in who He was so He could freely serve.                                

I think John 13:1-5 provides tremendous insights into what was behind the serving of Jesus. Consider:

·      vs.1 – “Jesus knew that his hour had come”

o   Understanding one’s “season” allows one to simply serve where they are at

·      vs.1 – “having loved His own…He loved them to the end”

o   Sincerely loving those God gives us provides us with the focus of our service

·      vs.3 – “knowing the Father had given all things into His hands”

o   Knowing the will of God and how we fit within it allows us to serve with effectiveness                               

·      vs.3 – “He had come from God and was going back to God”

o   It is essential that our identities be rooted in who we are related to (God) – and not in what we do

Often we serve God for a variety of reasons – from trying to gain His favor (or that of another person), because it makes us feel fulfilled, or because we want to make an impact, etc. A little reflection on this passage, however, gives us a glimpse of what was ‘behind’ Jesus’ serving. Ultimately this affected His pace. Note that there is no sense of an internal proving or pushing within Jesus but rather a sense of security and peace.

So upon further review, is your current pace dictated more by “a push” or “a peace”? 


~ Dave Buehring has been a devoted follower of Jesus and a disciple-maker for four decades. He’s passionate about stirring the Church to follow Jesus, teaching God’s people His ways, and raising a new generation of disciple-makers. He’s the Founder & President of Lionshare, and the author of A Discipleship Journey and The Jesus Blueprint.