Technology With a Purpose

Technology and its advancement is the obsession of the modern era.  It has created opportunity, wealth, health, and connections but also has brought with it pain, isolation, abuse, and death.

Our lives are embedded with technology.  It is so pervasive we often do not realize the breadth and depth of our reliance on technology.  It shapes how you think, how you communicate, and how you live your life.

God has not given us technology to use without a purpose.  He wants us to use it in pursuit of redeeming this world.  Technology is not the end in itself, but a great enabler to accomplishing God’s purposes in every other domain.  Modern technology provides us with tools and abilities to live out this calling in ways unimagined to those even fifty years ago.

The world of technology is one of constant evolution.  Those involved in this world feel and enjoy the exhilaration of the new, but are often overwhelmed by the speed and volume.  There is a great and deep need for those who find themselves laced in this world to know the stability of our unchanging God.  It is also critical that those who are shaping all other domains through the creation and use of technology learn and understand the ways of God.  It is the responsibility of godly men and women in all areas of technology to undertake with great intentionality and earnest the mentoring, coaching, and discipling of those in our sphere.

We must remember that our calling is not just to pursue our work with excellence and to glorify God with it, but to disciple those who are called to this world to encourage and embed within them the character and ways of God.  Our legacy is not going to be the technology we create or put to great use but those that we disciple to put their fits and talents to God’s plan of redemption.

*Mike Gustafson has been involved in the discipling and developing of leaders in various roles over the last 20 years.  He is a partner at Rosetta, an interactive marketing agency, where he is responsible for leading and developing multiple technology teams.

Reflection Points

  1. How can you use technology for God’s redemptive purposes?
  2. In the ever-changing world of technology, why is it so important to know the stability of our unchanging God?
  3. What kind of legacy are you leaving?  Who are those whom God has placed in your path?  What are some ways that can you begin to influence and intentionally mentor them in the ways of God?