The Marketplace Mission

Webster defines a missionary as “a person who is sent out on a mission.”  For some of us, our mission field is the corporate business world.

Because He worked as an independent businessman in the carpentry business, I picture Jesus relating to the everyday work struggles of too much or too little work, dealing with challenging clients, and building a successful business.


In His adult ministry, He spent most of His time around business people—fishermen, tax collectors, and those of wealth.  In love, Jesus always accepted them for who they were but challenged them to grasp eternal truths and pointed them to their God-given destinies.

In Jesus CEO, Laurie Beth Jones states: “If everyone treated their staff the way Jesus did His, you would see an increase in morale and productivity.  He created a lean, clean marketing machine.  These people were motivated.”

In the marketplace our discipling may come in many forms, such as consulting, coaching, leadership development, or team building.  But like Jesus, our work is to love and accept our clients where they are and challenge them to know Him and His ways.  We must:

·      Pray diligently for those He calls us to serve

·      Honor each person as God does

·      Discern needs and water them with seeds of faith

·      Live holy lies as we lead our businesses

·      Be prepared to share the Good News of the Gospel

Billy Graham has said that one of the next big moves of God will be through believers in the marketplace.  To accept this call, we must know that the business world can be a holy place of work—one that is ripe for harvest and the making of disciples.


*Mary Tomlinson has over 30 years of corporate/consulting experience, including 18 years at Disney.  As president of On-Purpose Partners, she works with businesses, non-profits, and government organizations.


Reflection Points

List some of the names God has called you to serve in the marketplace. 

  1.  Spend some time praying for them this week.
  2. Look for ways week that you can treat each one with honor.
  3. What are some of the needs that they have? Spend some time praying for these needs this week. Are there any that you can meet?