Godly Journalists

The power of the written and spoken word is evident everywhere.  We are inundated with information—on our computers, our phones, our televisions, our radios, and even through low-tech newspapers and magazines.  Despite the increase in our access to information, we seem to be less trusting of the media we consume.

The media always ranks near the bottom in public opinion surveys of whom Americans trust.  Political polarization, the proliferation of unconfirmed information, and the democratization of the internet have only aggravated that mistrust.  Journalists are under assault; not only from skeptical consumers, but also from an economic system that values quick profits over substance.

People who choose journalism as a profession consider it a calling.  They seek to expose and solve problems, give voice to the voiceless.  They are suspicious by nature, having seen the worst in humanity.  They believe only what they can see and prove.  This suspicion carries over to religion, especially Christianity, which claims there is such a thing as absolute truth and that there is only one way to reconcile with God.

Godly journalists must disciple and mentor other godly journalists because working in this field is like living in Babylon during Daniel’s time.  Godly journalists are in the minority and have to constantly battle against the dominant worldview, which holds that every opinion has equal weight, everyone must be tolerant, and that truth is relative.  They must be salt and light.  They must also be wise as serpents and gentle as doves, as they try to report the news fairly, answer collogues’ questions about “crazy Christians’ in the news, and live the lives of Christ followers. 

**Sonya Crawford Bearson is a former correspondent for ABC news and KNBC Los Angeles.


Reflection Points

1.     Who do you know that is serving in some form of media?  Spend some time praying for them today.  Consider writing them an encouraging note.

2.     Who do you know that is considering going into the domain of Media as an occupation?  How can you encourage and strengthen them today?