Governing in God’s Ways

In a recent Gallup poll, members of Congress rank among the least respected professionals in America, with roughly half of people saying that the morals and ethics of these two groups are low or very low.  It is no wonder this is the case when we are constantly hearing about elected officials on trial for taking bribes or that they have been caught having affairs.  Scandals involving them don’t shock us anymore.  They have become clichés.

Government leaders who lack morals are not unique to modern times.  The Bible is full of the stories of flawed and sinful kings, judges, and prophets.  But the Bible is equally clear about the need for godly men and women to serve in politics and government.  Proverbs 28:2 [NLT] states, “When there is moral rot within a nation, its government topples easily.  But wise and knowledgeable leaders bring stability.”

How do we raise up wise and knowledgeable leaders in government?  We start by building a culture of discipleship within the domain of government, mentoring within the ranks of governmental leaders and requiring that these leaders live their lives in a way that glorifies God first.  Imagine a whole network of politicians and government who fell to their knees before God with every vote or decision they had to make.  Imagine if they were wiling to make unpopular decisions based on biblical principles, even if it meant electoral consequences.

Daniel was bold in following the principles of God over those of man, and his principled actions resulted in growing influence.  He never worried about the consequences of his decisions because he knew they were a result of following God’s guidance.  He was willing to be put into a den of lions, literally, rather than compromise his beliefs!

We must deliberately disciple governmental leaders in God’s ways.  The result: a restored respect and public trust, and a more stable society.

Reflection Points

1.     How can you pray this week for the government officials in your city, county, state, nation?  Are there any that you can send a word of encouragement?

2.     If you are in some level of government, who are the people that God has placed in your path that you can pray for?  

*Darren Bearson has served in government in Washington DC and across the country for many years, including four years in the White House.  He also runs his own consulting company, Compass Point Strategies, LLC.