Seeing Your Work as Ambassadorship

As disciples, we carry Jesus’ presence wherever we go.  We represent Him while interacting with every person we come in contact with and in everything we do.  We are to reveal His character and ways, and we have been commissioned by Jesus to fulfill His mission!

Not long ago, I had the privilege of addressing ambassadors representing various nations around the world.  These men and women were extremely gracious and diplomatic and weighed what they said and did very carefully.  You could see that although they were being themselves, they also knew that their every expression was a reflection and representation of the leader and nation that had sent them. 

Every follower of Jesus is, in effect, a missionary.  You are His ambassador wherever you go and whomever you’re with.  It does not matter where He has put you.  At all times and in all places, you represent His character, ways, and mission and are to steward what He’s given you for the advancement of His kingdom and the flourishing of the people around you.  Paul’s words to the believers in Colossae underscore this concept: “Whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the  name of the Lord Jesus” (Colossians 3:17).

Os Guiness writes, “Calling means that our lives are so lived as a summons of Christ that the expression of our personalities and the exercise of our spiritual gifts and natural talents are given direction and power precisely because they are not done for themselves, our families, our businesses or even humankind, but for the Lord, who will hold us accountable for them.”

You have been sent by Jesus to represent Him in your particular domain of society.  Representing Him is your primary reason for being there!  Now, you might not be in your God-given “destiny role” just yet, but He is using this time to shape and add to you, to teach you His ways, and to touch the lives of those around you.  Who knows?  Maybe as you’re reading this, you are realizing that you are not really where you are supposed to be right now.  That’s okay.  Jesus is always glad to reposition you where He wants you, as you humble yourself, seek Him in prayer, and glean from the godly counsel of those He has brought around you.

Reflection Points

1.     Take a look at the 12 Domains of Society.  What domain do you find yourself right now?  Ask God to reveal His desires, His heart, and His will for that domain.

2. How accurate has your representation of God been (His character, His ways, His mission)?  Spend some time quietly before the Lord, asking Him to help you, empower you, and strengthen you.  Ask Him to help you think HIs thoughts and speak His words.

3.     Spend some time this week praying God’s desires over your domain.

4.     Who are some of your co-workers that God has placed in your path?  Spend some time this week praying for them, that God would stir them and awaken them spiritually.