Are You “Call” Ready?

It is interesting to me how many people sincerely look to receive a call from God without referencing who God has already made them to be.  You might say, “Moses, Paul, and others in the Scriptures received dramatic calls via a burning bush or an encounter on a road.”  Yes, very true.  But I’m not speaking here of where or how God directs us, but rather that He’s already wired us for what He has called us to do.  Both Moses and Paul were “call ready” when they received their directives from God.  They had been prepared through life experiences, and in their abilities, skills, and giftings.  If you examine their lives more closely, you will see that God’s dramatic all on their lives matched what He’d already placed within them.

Elizabeth O’Connor says, “We ask to know the will of God without guessing that His will is written into our very beings” (Eight Days of Creation [Washington DC: Potters House Book Service], 14-15).  I believe finding our call and vocation begins by inspecting more closely what Jesus has already placed within us. 

Let me be clear.  I am not talking here about self-actualization.  I am simply saying that the God of the universe has intricately and wisely outfitted us to pursue and collaborate with His purposes.  I know that how He has wired each of us must be considered through scriptural truths, such as dying to self, humility, relinquishing our rights, and being tested.  I know we are called to obey the “who, when, where, and how” of the Lord Jesus!  And God’s calling happens within the framework of discipleship.  As disciples, we serve at His command and for His pleasure.

We must do our very best to be prepared by stewarding well what He has given us.  Our obedience to Jesus is often what sparks the marriage of preparation and purpose.  Just like Moses and Paul, God may ask for your obedience at any given moment.  The question is, “Will you be call ready?”  Doing the next thing He asks you to do on the journey will ultimately lead you to His destination for you.

I like this quote from Martin Luther: “We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and work flow” (Martin Luther, Collected Works, vol. 5, p. 102).

Reflection Points

  1. What are your God-given natural abilities—things you’ve been able to do well since you were a child? 
  2. What are acquired skills that Jesus has added to you sovereignly along the way? 
  3. What spiritual gifts has the Holy Spirit deposited in you? 
  4. Why does your mind work the way it does? 
  5. Why do you lean to certain areas of interest? 
  6. Why does something speak so deeply to your heart that it moves you to the point of deep emotion and action? 
  7. Why has God brought certain people alongside you, and what might you have gleaned from them? 
  8. Where do you see fruit in your life that advances the Kingdom and glorifies Jesus?