Expanding Your Influence within Your Domain

I have noticed over the years that each domain [of culture] seems to have its own distinct “strands of DNA”, which reveal unique components of the character of God and His ways.  I’ve identified five strands common to the domains.  Defining these for each domain helps determine their unique value and function, and results in improved goods or services produced, which in turn betters the lives of others.  These strands are part of the thumbprint of God.  Not only is He glorified through them, but people can also be honored (treated with value) and well served (real needs met) through them.

First, each domain contains a God-given capacity that can be used to serve others.  Of course, abilities, skills, and gifts overlap the domains.  Yet, each domain has a certain contribution through which it can specifically serve others.

Secondly, each domain develops and/or makes available distinct products and/or special services to meet the needs of others.  Each domain shares with its community of the rest of the world and their work for the betterment of society.

Third, each domain has a unique sphere of influence that it shapes and leads.  With some domains, the influence is broad and expansive.  With others, it may be narrow and focused.

Fourth, each domain contains relationships that we can team together with and enjoy.  The like-heartedness that comes from working together allows for lifelong friendships to be built.  It also allows people to get to know each other so well that they intuitively join together to accomplish tasks.

Fifth, each domain has a specialized mission(s) to be accomplished on behalf of others.  The aims of each domain may be different yet each one is used to meet the real needs of people.  Like everything else in the Kingdom of God, as each one serves the other, every need is met.

Measures of Capacity and Influence

God apportions measures of capacity and influence to His servants.  He gives us a measure of capacity, which are God-given abilities, skills, and gifts that He puts in our lives to serve and bless others.  He also gives each of us a measure of influence, which relates to who and how many the Lord graces us to shape, oversee, impact, and help.

God is the source of both capacity and influence, and according to the Scriptures, He is the author of how they flow through our lives.  As He combines our measures of capacity and influence with our various heritages, upbringings, personalities, and experiences, He makes us into effective servants in our domain(s).

Let me illustrate from Scripture this concept of measures of capacity and influence, so that you can get a little better handle on what I mean.

  • Abraham had a God-given capacity for stewarding property and wealth, and God continued to add both to him.  His measure of influence: be a blessing to all families of the earth (Genesis 12:1-3)
  • Moses had the capacity to be a deliverer and Joshua had a capacity to conquer.  The primary measure of influence for both was the children of Israel (although Moses also significantly influenced Egypt, and Joshua the people he drove out of the land).
  • David had been given the capacity by God to be king.  His first measure of influence was over his sheep in preparation for leading people.
  • Jonah had a capacity to bring the Word of the Lord.  His place of influence was the people of Nineveh.
  • Mary had the capacity by the Holy Spirit to be the mother of the Son of God.  Her measure of influence was Jesus and her other children.
  • Paul had an apostolic capacity and his measure of influence was Gentiles, kings, and the children of Israel (Acts 9:15)

Note that each one had a specific measure of capacity—abilities, skills, and gifts given by God.  Each also had a measure of influence, decided by God.  Once you understand the measures of capacity and influence assigned to you, it helps you work within the context of what Jesus wants to do through you.  It also keeps you from drifting outside the areas where God has graced you to serve.

Reflection Points 

  1. At this stage of your life, what Measure of Capacity (abilities, skills, and gifts)  has the Lord given you? 
  2. What is your present Measure of Influence?
  3. How can you align your life in a greater way to your Measure of Capacity? 
  4. What ways can you increase your Measure of Influence?
  5. Spend some time this week praying over these areas.  Ask God to grant you revelation from His perspective over your Measure of Capacity and Influence.