Domains of Culture: in which Domain have you been placed?

Domains Defined                 

The word “domain” is commonly used today within various sectors of society.  For example:

  • Related to Government, it is a specific territory headed by a certain ruler.
  • In Earth and Physical Sciences, it may represent a region containing specific types of plants or animals.
  •  In Law, it the absolute ownership and right to dispose land, know as eminent domain.
  • In Mathematics, the domain of a function is the set of all possible input values (usually x), which allows the function formula to work.
  • In the field of Philosophy, it is the range of significance known as the domain of quantification.
  • In Electronics and Computer Science, it is a group of computers that have the same suffix—or in the popular vernacular, a domain name.

For our context, a domain is a field of service or function.  It’s where one’s knowledge, skill, expertise, interest and/or concern is exercised. It’s a broad umbrella representing an area of God-given callings and vocations, where things are created, cared for, changed, accomplished, or expressed.  It’s where we spend much of our time and energy, forty to sixty hours each week, stewarding what Jesus has given us to do. 

Each Domain is Rooted in the Character of God

As I began to consider and pray for leaders and people serving within these Dozen Domains, I’ve observed certain things about them.  These various expressions of calling and service are not just good ideas or nice things to be able to do for a living.  Eternally, they have significantly more value than that, as they are actually rooted in God Himself!  That’s right, these domains are expressions of the character of the God we love, worship, and serve.  This understanding provides us with a whole different way of looking at and approaching what it is each of us is called to do. 

            Grand Central Station, 1934

            Grand Central Station, 1934

Let me illustrate where what I mean.  Today, I can get off a plane and turn on the device in my hand to receive, instantaneously, every message conceivable, from voicemail to email to text to social media.  I am completely baffled as to how all this information is available at my fingertips.  But, as I experience it, I am given the tiniest glimpse of the power of God’s processing ability.  I am reminded that He knows the past, present, and future and is alert to what’s going on in the entire physical and spiritual realm at any given time.   I am amazed that He is attentive to every single molecule and aware of the location of every person on the planet; conscious of the positioning of the sixty-four moons of Jupiter and knowledgeable of the deepest secrets of every heart—all at the same time!  When I look at Jesus as the One behind the technology, I stand in wonder and awe, worshipping Him in a way I had not previously considered. 

What about Jesus, the Author of creation?  The human body contains some 60,000 miles of blood vessels.  If laid out in a single row they would wrap around the Earth 2 ½ times!  What about the sun?  Did you know that approximately 109 planet Earths would fit on the surface of the sun and more than one million Earths inside of it?  Mind boggling!  He also created the Earth just the right distance from the sun.  If it were any further away, we’d freeze.  If it were any closer, we’d all burn up!  What about this thing we call water that makes up approximately 70% of our physical beings and round 75% of the Earth’s surface?  No living thing on the planet can survive without it!  What amazing stuff—and what an amazing God!

Have you considered God the Master Builder?  When Noah was asked to build the ark, God provided him with detailed dimensions.  It was to be made of gopher wood, and it was to be 300 cubits long, 50 cubits high and 30 cubits wide.  Depending on whether the cubits of measurements were they typical 17.5 inches or the Egyptian royal cubit of 20.5 inches, it means the ark was 437 or 512 feet in length!  With these measurements, there would have been over 100,000 square feet of floor space—just what would have been needed for Noah’s family and his thousands of paired creatures!  The same kind of instruction and detail goes into the building of the Tabernacle and everything contained within it, including the Ark of the Covenant.  Builders, your calling is rooted in God Himself!

As we watch governments collapse before our very eyes, I am grateful that we belong to an everlasting Kingdom!  The King of the Kingdom governs with abundant mercy, consistent justice, and benevolence born of His Own sacrifice.  His subjects are never His slaves but rather His friends.  His vision is such that the wealthy want to give generously and the poor are provided with opportunities to grow so both can give their lives in service for others.  “God as Governor” is a much needed reference point in an age of “get what I can while I’m at the top.”

I think you get my point.  The domains aren’t just places where we work and get paid.  They are meant to reflect and display various aspects of God’s character through our lives as we do what we do.  It’s a very practical way for each of us to bring glory to God!

Reflection Points

  1. In which Domain has God placed you?
  2. How does your Domain reflect the character of God?
  3. How can you demonstrate the character of God in your Domain?  In other words, how would Jesus go about the work if He had your job?
  4. Spend some time in prayer this week for your Domain.  Ask God to reveal His character and HIs ways in your specific Domain.

Next week: expanding your influence within your Domain