The Dozen Domains: An Introduction

In the nearly four decades since Loren Cunningham’s and Dr. Bill Bright’s divine insight about the spheres of culture, I’ve noticed several other areas of society flexing their muscles.  Science and Technology has exploded in growth since the mid-seventies and has surged to become a leading influence on society and a growing vocation.  Health, Medicine, and Wholeness has expanded as we’ve continued to learn more about the body, how to treat diseases, foster prevention, maintain wellness, and promote worldwide catastrophic events affecting land, sea, weather, plants, and animals.  The importance of stewarding the Earth has brought Environment, Agriculture, and Zoology to the forefront.  Some of these same events, local and grobal, have given rise to many Non-profit and Service Organizations, galvanizing volunteers to express God’s heart of justice, mercy, and hope in the midst of desperate need. 

In addition, there are many people groups, based on ethnicity, gender, age, location, or numerous other criteria, who have become the focus of another’s service.  These “peoples” also need to be disciple in the character, ways, and mission of Jesus.

Building on the foundation and vantage point that I received during my YWAM years, I have found myself re-imagining the spheres in light of where I have been living, leading, and discipling over the last three-plus decades.  In doing so, I have observed a “Dozen Domains” of society, all of which represent broad umbrellas of calling and service. 

  Is this list the be-all and end-all of societal spheres?  No, not at all.  Whether there are seven spheres, a dozen domains, fifteen fields, or eighteen arenas, the way we break these down is not nearly as important as intentionally identifying various domains and making disciples who will bring Jesus’ character and ways to bear within them.  These dozen happen to be ones that some of my friends and I in leadership identify with.  We rally around them, with the goal of reproducing millions of disciple-makers as catalysts to serve and transform domains locally and globally. 

Reflection Points

  1. Into which Domain has God planted you?
  2. How can you embody the Ways of God within your Domain?
  3. Who are the people that you feel drawn to within your Domain?  How can you pray for them?

Next week: How each Domain is rooted in the Character of God