Windows for Making Disciple-Makers (part 1)

Imagine for a moment with me the impact it would have on the world if every follower of Jesus was deliberately discipled to reflect His character, ways, and mission…and reproduced the same in others.  Imagine if every follower of Jesus aligned their lives to the priority, focus, means, message, and aim of Jesus.  Imagine if that was the norm.  How might that change the way we live our lives? 

How might that change the way we do church?  How might churches look and function if the only ones appointed to any kind of leadership role were first proven disciple-makers?

Imagine how it would change the way a parent parents, a government leader governs, and the way a business leader does business!  How might the world be changed if the godly educator, artist/musician, athlete, news anchor, medical professional, techie, farmer, and cause-driven activist reflected and referenced the character, ways, and mission of Jesus? What if this way of living is what Jesus intended from the moment He said to those first disciples and to us via the Scriptures, “Go, therefore and make disciples…”

Now consider the domain of society where God has placed you.  What if those leading you were shaped into the character of Jesus and led based on His ways?  What if they were to finish tasks better than ever, and with great integrity, because they knew whom they ultimately serve?  What if you saw them actually expressing a level of genuine interest and care for the people with whom they work?  And, what if their bottom line was no longer the “almighty buck,” but to make sure that customers/members/clients are treated with value and served in ways that meet their needs through whatever you have to offer?  Life would be a little different, wouldn’t it?

Imagine the ramification if we determined to deliberately disciple people and leaders in the domains of society based on the character, ways, and mission of Jesus.  Disciple-making is the blueprint of Jesus, and He knows the transforming power it holds for people and societies!  Should we really be surprised that the forces of hell work so hard to keep us from making disciple-makers?

Reflection Points

  1. Within what Domain/s of Society has Jesus placed you?
  2. Who are the specific people that He has brought into your path?
  3. What are some of the desires that God has for them?
  4. Will you begin to pray for them by name, especially in the areas that the Holy Spirit will reveal to you?