A Disciple's Prayer

“We would be still and know that You are God--King God, supreme in Your authority, the ruling, reigning monarch of this universe, timeless in Your existence, ingenious in Your creativity and with totality of ownership. We stand in awe of You, as we contemplate Your awesome holiness, majestic splendor, blazing glory, limitless power and unquestionable sovereignty.

We worship You for Your flawless character, Your infinite knowledge and wisdom, Your absolute justice, unswerving faithfulness, unending mercy, matchless grace and terrible wrath against sin. We bow our hearts and bend our knees before You as we acknowledge Your dazzling beauty, Your fascinating personality, Your incomprehensible humility, Your unsearchable understanding and Your unfathomable love.

We acknowledge that our greatest need is to have a far greater revelation of what You are really like. We ask You to meet that need. We would also join with Moses and pray, “Teach us Your ways, that we may know You and find favor in Your sight.” Thank You that You will answer these sincere requests. In Jesus’ name. Amen"