The Authority and Presence of Jesus

Throughout the four decades of my own discipleship journey, I have watched the authority and presence of Jesus flow in and through those committed to obey His disciple-making mandate.  I have seen godly offspring reproduced as an expression of God's heart as a father.  Jesus reproduced the ways of the Kingdom in the Twelve.  And the Holy Spirit empowered His disciples to obey Jesus' blueprint in the book of Acts.

The Book of Acts is not really the Book of Acts because of the coming of the Holy Spirit.  Acts is Acts because of the coming of the Holy Spirit on discipled people!  Three years of deliberate discipling by Jesus infused by the power of the Holy Spirit provides an accurate picture of why Acts is what it is.  I like referring to Acts as "The Acts of the Discipled".

Their primary focus was not winning converts, planting churches, or impacting society.  Rather, they cultivated disciple-making communities wherever they went, in obedience to Jesus, and the by-product was people won to Jesus, churches planted, and a changed society!

Ask yourself the following four questions:

  1. Have I ever really been discipled?
  2. What am I reproducing?
  3. Are those that I've discipled now reproducing disciple-makers?
  4. Am I currently taking responsibility to make disciples within my relationships and within the domain of society where Jesus has appointed me to serve?