God’s Developmental Process: Growing a Disciple-Maker (pt. 3)

Finishing Well Phase: late sixties to early seventies

This phase reflects a sense of fulfilling what you were born to be and do while reaping the fruit of a lifetime of faithfulness.  Your focus is now more on your ultimate contribution—a godly legacy that you are to leave behind in people, resources, and accomplishments for kingdom purposes.

This season is best spent investing godly wisdom in younger leaders, using the ways of God you’ve gleaned from your life’s journey. 

According to Dr. Clinton, there are six characteristics of someone finishing well:

1.     They preserve a personal vibrant relationship with God right up until the end.

2.     They maintain a learning posture, learning from all kinds of sources.

3.     They display Christ-like character, evidenced by the fruit of the Spirit.

4.     They live in the truths they’ve learned, demonstrating to others that the convictions and promises of God are real.

5.     They leave behind one or more ultimate contributions as a lasting kingdom legacy.

6.     They walk in a growing awareness of fulfilling their God-given destiny.

Lastly, I have observed all kinds of things that take people out of the race.  Chief among them are:

·      Seduction of sin (selfishness, immorality, etc.)

·      Rabbit trails of woundedness, bitterness, and disappointment

·      Pride that causes them to go it alone, hindering them from hearing and learning from others and enjoying the relationships.

·      Power grabs and control around position, fame, and/or finances

·      Giving place to fear and/or passivity

·      The pursuit of perceived success (note: biblical success is obeying God)

·      Choosing to walk in disobedience to what Jesus has asked them to do

Are you on the path to finishing well?  If not, why not?  In light of what you’ve learned about season of life and God’s developmental phases, what can you do today to start strong, to enhance mid-life, or to finish well?