Now is the Time

We are reaping today from what we have sown.  We are currently left extremely shorthanded when it comes to active disciple-makers.

Recently, a group of godly young professionals said to me, "We have many peers that we can share life with; however, we are having a difficult time finding people who are further along in the things of God who are willing to disciple us."  The only way I knew how to respond was to humbly ask them to forgive me--and us--for our failure to pursue making disciples.  I then offered to help.

Speaking of godly young leaders, consider what George Barna found in his Top Trends of 2011 research: 84% of Christian 18 to 29-year-olds admit that they have no idea how the Bible applies to their field or professional interests.  For example, young adults who are interested in creative or science-oriented careers often disconnect from their faith or from the church.  On the creative side, this includes young musicians, artists, writers, designers, and actors.  On the science-oriented side, young engineers, medical students, and science and math majors frequently struggle to see how the Bible relates to their life's calling.  The Barna study showed that their faith communities can become more effective in working with the next generation by linking vocation and faith.

Jesus followers are called to reap good fruit in the area of disciple-making.  Now is the time to rediscover and "sow" the Jesus blueprint into the very fabric of our lives, our churches, the domains of society--and in the next generation.